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Natural disasters carry a message from Mother Nature for each and every one of us. For the full article: #wildfire #california

My latest on @JPostOpinion: “Think the war at Hanukkah was between Jews and Greeks? It was between #Jews and Jews.” #Hanukkah

Most important is to feel my I detaching from me, instead of I there’s WE, the group cares for US, as everyone used to care for their I, WE begin to #pray for US, and the Light comes to US and makes US into a single whole in which the one Creator is revealed.

A broken creation is demonstrated only in relation to us, our perception. The system is always one. But there’s a purpose to us not being able to correctly recognize the Upper One’s influence, and hence react to Him correctly. We decide it by arranging our group like the system.

Spiritual work always starts anew. We must understand and agree to it, and be thankful for every new beginning. Though it means new stress in overcoming the ego, the sensation as if disappears—everything is erased. Always a new beginning. #gratitude

There are 2 analyses: sweet/bitter—sufficient for regular #existence, and truth/falsehood—manifests in certain people. As it manifests, one rejects falsehood and aspires to truth. It compels to reveal the meaning of life, so one comes to study Kabbalah. #meaningoflife

#Einstein: to jump on top of a table, you must jump higher than the table. Meaning we need a method of rising “above oneself.” Any movement is built on a game. By playing at a spiritual degree in the group, we draw the upper light, and attain it with its help.

Any spiritual action influences the system of ADAM, the unified soul. Therefore, the entrance to any degree it starts at zero (conception, Hibur), to understand and react correctly. We enter the #Soul if we know the cause-action-result.

From Twitter, 12/12/17

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