Re-Education Instead Of Punishment

Dr. Michael LaitmanRemark: Many years ago there was a case when a thief robbed an apartment and along with other things, by mistake picked up the book Kabbalah. After reading it, he quit his old ways, and his fate changed drastically.

Answer: This has to do with one’s freedom of choice. A person has to see and feel what he does in life and what his true realization involves.

He has to realize himself in this world and do it himself, not someone else.

That is why the concept of prison does not exist in the Torah. Imprisonment cannot be punishment because it restricts a person in his realization. It’s necessary to work on a person so that he develops a desire to realize himself correctly.

In ancient times there was a system of re-education, not punishment! Offenders got bailed out, and they all had to undergo a very serious rehabilitation course.
From KabTv’s Lesson in Russian 12/18/16

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