Control Of Population Growth

laitman_272In the News (Independent): “The United Nations and World Health Organisation have issued a call for drugs to be decriminalised.

“Buried in a joint release on ending healthcare discrimination, the organisations called for the ‘reviewing and repealing punitive laws that have been proven to have negative health outcomes’ by member states.

“Among a number of measures, this included ‘drug use or possession of drugs for personal use’.

“While the WHO has previously called for drugs to be decriminalised in the context of HIV reduction, the UN has limited its calls to health- and evidence-based solutions to drug abuse.

“Last year, nations meeting at the UN General Assembly Special Session on drugs maintained a criminal approach to narcotics, despite strong concerns from a number of countries.

“But last month, on the International Day Against Drug Abuse, UN Secretary General António Guterres called for tackling the problem through ‘prevention and treatment,’ adhering to human rights.

“He said: ‘Despite the risks and challenges inherent in tackling this global problem, I hope and believe we are on the right path, and that together we can implement a coordinated, balanced and comprehensive approach that leads to sustainable solutions.’”

Question: It seems that soon we will be walking around quiet, calm, and relaxed; did the United Nations, the organization for maintaining international peace and security, finally come to realize that the fight against narcotics is pointless?

Answer: No. They came to realize something else—that with the help of narcotics they can create “stability” in the world; mow down millions of unnecessary people, and calm the rest. Why do seven and a half billion people living on this earth, who are suffering, continue to reproduce? What is the point in this?

Question: That’s what the United Nations thinks?

Answer: Of course! And it receives instructions from “higher-up controlling organizations,” those who say, “We don’t need seven and a half billion.”

At the beginning of the twentieth century, a hundred years ago, it was only two billion. It was as though the world was empty. Suddenly: seven and a half. And they’re starving, fighting, and crushing each other—for what?

For the elite, who stand at the top, there is nothing left to do: money lost its value. Give everyone minimal basic income? What would be the point? So people can just exist, dirtying the atmosphere? Each person damages the ecology of the earth.

Question: Then I will ask you as a Kabbalist: is it necessary to get rid of many people?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. Everything depends on whether you are leading them to an improved condition or not.

It is necessary to implement a comprehensive correct education system for people. It is necessary to teach them how in the right kind of connection between them they can reach a life where no one disturbs one another.

On the contrary: each, in connection with others, will make a necessary correction of his egoism and will then become a huge asset to all humanity; because that which each of us has to do in our individual correction of egoism, no one else can do for us.

Comment: Then it turns out that any size population can exist. And the opposite will be true, the more, the better!

Answer: Even two hundred billion!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/6/17

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