How Can We Learn Spiritual Laws?

Laitman_049.02Question: What is the spiritual meaning of the law, “The general and particular are equal”? What can I learn from this general law?

Answer: The general and particular are equal means that if I learn about the particular, from this I can learn about the general. If I attain something in common, then to the same degree I can penetrate into each one of its parts.

There is a single law: mutual cooperation between the Light and the desire when they resemble each other. This can be discovered both in the totality of creation and in each one of its tiniest particles.

For example, in our world, a geologist can separate a small fragment from a mountain and accordingly discover and know much about the entire mountain.

Question: Does this mean that it is nevertheless possible to explain spiritual laws according to examples from our world, in particular from the law the general and particular are equal?

Answer: This is an inductive law that makes it possible to explain our world too. But this does not speak about a purely rational explanation. For a person to acquire spiritual characteristics within him, he must feel them.

After all, he feels our world and examines it from that. Therefore, he must feel the upper world and learn it from his feelings; otherwise, his arguments will be unfounded.

I cannot take a book of Kabbalah, read it, and then convince everyone that this is the truth. And what is next? How does one use what is spoken about in it? Where is all of this found? First of all, it is up to me to attain the spiritual characteristics and powers. They must be inside of me and then I will be able to apply what is written in a book.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/12/17

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