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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Several thousand years ago there was a sharp jump in human evolution that increased the population of the globe five-fold and gross domestic product production by 55 times. Exponential growth began. Obviously, at this point, people thought that this was the achievement of a golden era where there would be everything for everyone.

Answer: How could this happen on a small and limited planet if we exist only through its resources?

Now a trend of a sharp reduction of the Earth’s population has begun: Divorce and life without marriage is encouraged and people don’t want more than one child in the family. Within one generation, the population has been reduced by half. Moreover, this also concerns those nations that traditionally had many children.

Today, there are between 30 to 50 percent of the population on Earth is single. Recently, I visited many nations where we arranged conferences, and each time I was interested in the marital status of the audience. The average age hovered around 30 years.

70% of the men and women were single, and only a few of them wanted to have a family. That is how the ego is acting within humans: not wanting to take greater responsibility upon itself. Why should it take on a burden of a family and children?

The infinite growth of the ego has reached its limit and is starting to wind down and eat itself up. Therefore, we don’t want to take on any extra obligations. People want to be free. They have no need of a family for their personal comfort as in the past. In fact, a man buys ready-made food warmed in a microwave and this is enough for him.

Even if children are desired,  this can be solved through methods of artificial insemination, and there is no problem. Partners can be switched easily. Moreover, non-traditional relationships are encouraged. All this has led to people no longer have families and children. This is a planned, sharp decline in the global population.

Furthermore, the problem of unemployment—like in Spain, for example—doesn’t allow many people to raise families, even though, in principle, they have an inner inclination, a tradition, and everything else. Unemployed professionals, even on the European level, cannot afford to raise a family, for they don’t have the means to provide for it.
From Kab TV’s “A Global Crisis” 9/15/13

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