A Beneficial Replacement

Dr. Michael Laitman

Question: Can an entrepreneur within the business community of company executives raise the respect for relinquishing surpluses, reserves, and privileges?

Answer: I think we will gradually reach this. Businesses connect with billions of other small businesses: suppliers, buyers, etc. so in any case,  they will still be egoistic.

They cannot suddenly change to another path and manage in another way. Businesses will remain the same, all the surpluses and reserves initially should go into a general fund to be distributed to social programs for the community.

We are speaking about mitigating the egoistic atmosphere that prevails in the world today. It must be aimed towards bringing the entire society into a certain balance, where we gradually reduce the individual ego of each person and compensate for this by building good and proper feelings within the environment where a person who works for the sake of society will be respected. And the entire community will treat such a person and his family with respect and reverence.

When an environment like this is created around a businessman, inevitably he begins to think that a much lower salary than before is enough for him. An average income will make it possible for him to trim all of the “extra fat” from himself, without losing comfort, and to pass on the benefit to those around him, replacing the excess money with respect and love.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/16/13

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