Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Yuri D Granin, Ph.D., senior research fellow, Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences): Over the past decades, the problem of globalization remains one of the most controversial. It would seem that the formation of international markets, free movement of capital, increasing flows of migrants and tourists, the formation of supranational financial, economic and political institutions would have to unite people into a global integrity – a planetary civilization.

“Globalization can be seen as a trend towards unification of humanity, the organization of social space. But for the time being, globalization does not destroy but preserves the planetary hierarchy of various peoples and nations. Its obvious advantages turn into losses. The unfolding process of globalization stimulates their growth, triggering a defensive response.

My Comment: The reason for the perverse manifestation of globalization is that it is implemented egoistically not by “global” personalities, but by the same egoists who cannot see how humanity can unite correctly and the ways by which this unity can be achieved. Only Kabbalists who know the laws of the higher nature and feel the integral world, specialists in integral education, are able to correctly lead the masses to the true integration of humanity.

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