How Not To Be A Toy In The Hands Of Fate

Laitman_709Question: Can Kabbalah help me to change and control my fate?

Answer: It can! In every day life, we see that a child lacks the strength to change his fate, but an adult, a strong intelligent person, has greater ability to control his life. It turns out that the more intelligent we become, the more we understand reality, the more we can control our fate.

Therefore, the science of Kabbalah, by expanding the organs of human perception and enabling an individual to see all the forces, all the invisible triggers through which nature influences him, gives an individual the opportunity to make more correct decisions in his life.

Question: I feel that I have no choice, that my fate is already predetermined. Can the science of Kabbalah help me change this destiny?

Answer: Indeed, an average person has almost no choice in his life. But Kabbalah gives him the opportunity to understand life in such a way that he can change his fate, the entire flow of life and its result.

Most importantly, he begins to understand what he is living for! The whole perspective of life open in front of his eyes and he feels himself as an adult, responsible for his destiny, someone who can take pleasure from life and not just be a toy in the hands of blind fate.
From the Conversation “Answers to the Questions of Beginners,” 7/24/17

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