From Poverty To Extreme Wealth

laitman_566.01Remark: Today, technological entrepreneurship is being cultivated in Israel. It is believed that a person with an interesting idea could jump from the status of a beggar to extreme wealth. For that reason, the future seems rosy and prosperous.

My Comment: This is the same American Dream! Everything was open before the first settlers who arrived in America. They were poor, but nothing was prohibited—by all means, do whatever you wish. Absolute freedom of enterprise. If you have the brains and an idea, all the routes were open to you. Today, it is no longer that easy. Money, language, and work permit—and you are a king.

Question: Nowadays, in different circles pursuing technological development, each person believes that they are next—they will make a career, earn billions, and start to live well. Is such faith realistic?

Answer: Today, this is still possible in high-tech since it is still held by the brilliance of the mind. There must be an idea. It can arise even in someone who is poor. Or in someone who has not even been educated, for example, like the student Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, the social networking site.

Brilliant ideas come more from Jews since their minds are arranged this way. They are intended for correct spiritual, not corporeal work. But for the time being they are not being used for their intended purpose.

Question: Are the prospects of implementing these ideas favorable from the point of view of the elite?

Answer: The elite know how to clip coupons from everything. If they were not interested in this, nothing would exist. They would have crushed everyone.

Who legalized drugs? At first they banned cigarettes: “They are so bad for you! We cannot agree with the fact that our society smokes.” And then they replaced them with drugs. In five or ten years, we will see how they will gradually get the entire population to be hooked on drugs.

Remark: I remember how in 2002 smoking was already forbidden in a hotel in Las Vegas and all the windows were closed. Back then it seemed so fantastic to me how much they were taking care of people’s health. And you said: “A strategic program is being implemented to replace smoking, which will transition into smoking drugs.”

My Comment: It was clear to see where this was heading. Nothing in the world happens just like that.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/7/17

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