Kabbalah Is For The Whole World

254.02Question: For a long time, Kabbalah was a hidden teaching for the initiated. Do you think that the wisdom of Kabbalah is too serious a teaching for ordinary people?

Answer: Kabbalah is designated for absolutely everyone. It is written about this in The Book of Zohar. All the great Kabbalists write about this: Ari, his disciple Marchu (Chaim Vital), Baal HaSulam, Rav Kook, and Rabash.

Kabbalah is not a teaching, but an above-religion science about the structure of the upper world. Each person must attain it because he is part of this system. All of us at the end of our development must reach the state where we will be integrated into it with both mind and desire as positive elements.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/10/17

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