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How to fight without breaking up? You (friends, spouses) reveal flaws TOGETHER. NOT in each other, but in YOUR #relationship, and TOGETHER you come to the solution (prayer) so as to increase contact! Approach it systemically. Then you will attain ever greater spiritual ascents.

#2017inReview EU members disillusioned. The EU acts arrogantly and with nearsightedness by accepting refugees and governing with directives. It’s starting to tumble. The cause of its breakdown: unity is possible but not among egoists—only by the right education/change in people.

System of Adam (man) 5: From the split to two opposite systems, reception and bestowal, and their alternating connection in both states of infancy and adulthood, the notion and sensation of #TIME appear in our world.

System of Adam 4: Hence the necessity to create a system of Adam (man) IN OUR #WORLD who a) absorbs desires of the empty system of reception, b) connects to the system of bestowal and attains Creator’s likeness, converting desire to receive to desire to receive in order to bestow

System of Adam 3: TzA—restriction on receiving not for others & Creator—so the souls can connect to the Creator, convert reception to bestowal. The empty restricted desire is not in the system of bestowal, while in that of reception there’s no correction as it wants only to receive.

System of Adam 2: B) The receiving system—causes struggle for survival, Klipa, lacks 9 Sefirot, stems from void of a huge desire, restricted by TzA, hence fully opposite to the system of bestowal (where Malchut & the 9 Sefirot take part in bestowal, OH) and remains empty, dead.

International day of solidarity. Solidarity is actually one common goal—a wonderful goal that’s good for everyone, when all are united together to achieve it. But this is only possible ABOVE MAN’S EGO. #solidarityday

System of #Adam 1: To create & develop man to be like Creator, two opposite systems are necessary: A) The bestowing system, to birth and raise man, comprising two opposite parts: 9 Sefirot of bestowal with inner light & 1 Sefira of reception – Malchut, empty w. surrounding light

From Twitter, 12/24/17

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