Prayer To The Right Address

232.1Prayer is my last action in relation to the Creator. In response to the prayer, He will make a correction. That is why everything ends with prayer. Before it, we need to prepare, to find out exactly what I am asking for, in what way, and for whose sake.

Prayer includes all the requests that the creature raises to the Creator. Of course, this does not happen all at once. It is not expressed in any words or sentences, but is based on clarifications, one after another, and requests for help until we come to the perfect prayer.

The Creator is the full HaVaYaH that exists in the world of infinity and contains absolutely everything. Therefore, if we want to get something from there, we must make a precise request, just as in a computer: exactly what address to go to, what password and command to use, etc.

This request then passes through all the stages and enters Malchut of the world of infinity where there are endless possibilities. All the Kelim and all the Lights are there from the beginning, as it is written, “the end of the action lies in the initial thought.” That is, the completely corrected state exists there in all its splendor.

If we work correctly, we join this system. Based on our request, we find the right place in it and extract what we need from this general “memory” where desires and Light already exist in unity. This influences us and promotes us to the state we requested in our prayer.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/25/18, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Letter 56”

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