Actions Of The Fathers—Sign For The Sons

laitman_292Question: What is the right way for someone to relate to everything that has happened to them in life?

Answer: From the experiences we live through, we must learn how to make fewer mistakes and from this moment onward to aim ourselves toward the most elevated goal in life.

Question: And what if a person lives in the past? For some people, it is very difficult to let go of the past.

Answer: Maybe in that case they need the help of a psychologist. I can tell you about myself. I am only directed toward the future, not toward the past. I draw conclusions from the past to guide me in the future, and after doing that, the past no longer exists for me. For someone to be immersed in past memories is a big problem. I do not allow myself to go digging in the past if there are no constructive reasons for it.

Question: How can someone tolerate and prevail against the negative experiences from their past?

Answer: I don’t fight the past. Instead, I exchange it for the future. We need to occupy ourselves with our future achievements, not bury ourselves in the past. Battling the past is not the right approach.

I erase my entire past, and if it doesn’t happen easily, then I forcefully strike it out. When the moment is past, it is already in the past. It is not possible to return to it. Then, why should we attempt to return to it? It’s already dead. Why do we need to raise the dead?

Question: Then, why did it occur?

Answer: The past occurred in order for me to draw conclusions from it, to learn something from it, and to continue on a corrected course. The past occurred only for the future.

The elderly enjoy reminiscing about how good it was in their youth or what suffering they had to go through. But, it doesn’t go anywhere. Unfortunately, for many in their senior years, there is nothing left for them in life other than their memories.

I think that while the individual is alive, he has things to do in order to move toward his goal in life. I live in order to use each day, to always add more and more toward the goal of revealing the Creator within me. Personally, this is my goal by the end of the day to reach an ever greater revelation of the upper Force.

Each individual has their own goal and needs to check that it actually utilizes his abilities maximally, or even a little more.
From KabTV’s “New Life #942 – How To Treat The Past,” 1/7/18

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