Why Was There No Depression Before?

laitman_592_04Question: Why wasn’t there any depression before?

Answer: It is because people used to be engaged in spiritual work and they attributed any kind of spiritual state to their spiritual advancement. Now people should be working on their spirituality, but they aren’t. Therefore, it is natural that 70% of humanity is depressed. We can invent all kinds of reasons, but this is the only cause of depression, nothing else.

Question: Do antidepressants help?

Answer: No, antidepressants are a chemical compensation that do not solve the problem.

Question: Why do placebos work in curing a wide range of illnesses? Is it a method of persuasion?

Answer: Of course. A person lives through his spirit, not through various chemical materials. So placebos may be effective. Any amount of convincing, uplifting, or comforting affects a person. Provide assurance and the person will get rid of most of his illnesses.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/20/17

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