Changes In The Consciousness Of Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to develop an integral model of the economy?

Answer: In order to develop a model of an integral economy, people need “corrected intelligence,”  thoughts that will have an altruistic direction. He must stand on another level of his inner development. To the degree that people will be re-educated in a conscious manner, to that degree ideas of the right changes for all social relationships will appear in them: economic, political, and others. Therefore, whatever models that will be created now will absolutely not be useful for the integral society.

It is not necessary to establish anything in advance. This was the mistake of the Soviet government that decided to compel everyone to be altruistic through starvation, oppression, and the KGB, and not education.

Question: But wasn’t this the mistake of Marx and Engels?

Answer: No! Marx wrote correctly! After him opportunists appeared who reinterpreted his writings. Whereas Marx wrote that first it was obligatory to re-educate people and only to the degree of their education could they create a correct communistic society.

Historically, how did all models evolve? First someone planned them and after that they were created? No! Humanity developed naturally and permanently transformed its social, political, economic, commercial, and other connections.

It’s the same here, it is impossible to plan and establish something in advance. A person can never describe the next step ahead, because he is not yet in it. And even if he is in it, so what can he explain to those people who are on the previous level? They cannot build what is characteristic of the next level.

First they themselves must rise to it in their understanding, awareness, and feeling and decide which changes are imperative for that given moment in time. They will gather together and say: “Now we need to change this and now that.” And gradually they will be changed.

This is evolution and it must be revealed from within. We only hasten the process so that evolution will not advance rigidly as it did for thousands of years, when the powers of nature pushed us from behind with a stick towards happiness. We want to yearn and advance forward ourselves.

But all in all, the angles of transformation will be derived only from a conscious need; otherwise, this will be the same KGB, oppression, and dictatorship.

Suppose that we were to create a method for changing society now. And then what? We would obligate everyone to put it into practice? But this would be the same oppression, dictatorship, and violence. This is no longer education or upbringing. Therefore, we call our method Integral Education and Information for the public. It cannot come from above!

There is no reason to turn to historians, philosophers, and the like. In what way can they help us? Would this be through today’s usual exercises that don’t work anymore? From them only examples from the past can be taken, but they don’t know anything about the future.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 11/27/13

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