How Can We Be Equal If We Are So Different?

Dr. Michael LaitmanHumanity is facing a big problem of social structure. The correctly formed society is a society of equals. Yet, the difficulty lies in the fact that nature made us all different. Therefore, it’s pointless to put us all in the same conditions: an eight hour day, equal wages, and so on. Our natural differences result in a situation where for one person this is too much while for the other, too little. If I am lazy, it’ll be very hard for me to work eight hours a day, but for an energetic doer, it’s not a problem at all.

How then should we measure equality? How do we build a society of equals? People have wanted to do it for a long time, and if an opportunity had presented itself, we would have created a good, firm structure. But we don’t seem to succeed. Nature doesn’t allow us to be equal.

Why then do we initially differ from one another so much, are opposite to each other, and cannot get along? Every one of us has his or her individual tastes, strengths, rules, capacities, inborn characteristics, and approach to life, and this is why we don’t understand one another.

Indeed, we will not be able to establish equality. It seems that an equal society is the answer to wars and problems from which it would save us, but it’s not what nature had planned. Its plan is to bring us to the realization that we will never find equality anywhere, in anything. We will never get a chance to divide something equally between all. If we did it today, tomorrow we would wage a war.

Equal distribution was attempted in Russia, Israel’s Kibbutzim (communities), all of which failed. Nature wishes for us to use all our egoistic power to reform ourselves to match nature itself: total bestowal. Then I won’t care who gets what and how much. My only concern will be to give the most of myself, one hundred percent. It doesn’t mean an “equal and fair” distribution but a distribution without any monitoring.

In this case, everybody gets according to the level of one’s development, as much as they need. And, as result, a person will evolve to the degree where he or she will be receiving only as much as necessary for their existence, while they will use the rest to serve others, without measuring to whom and how much to give.

This is why people do not understand it when we explain to them what Kabbalah says about the future of mankind. It looks too fanatical to them, too utopian. Yet, otherwise, humanity will not survive since any other distribution is unfair. I cannot measure individual efforts of another in order to evaluate how much he or she should earn. Nature will never allow man to reconcile the two forces, positive and negative, in this manner.

Therefore, when we begin to implement this idea, we should disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah by using a totally different system. For now, we need to unify in the groups that consist of people who have already received the desire and need for it and who understand that there is no out way out since this is what Nature is calling for. These people have two forces: the power of their personal egoism and the Creator’s power, the spark that pushes them toward positive development. When these two forces meet in one person, he or she begins to hear and process what the wisdom of Kabbalah explains.

The process is gradual and fits the internal development of an individual. We undergo the still, vegetative, animate, and human degrees of it, and as we develop, the two forces collide in us with ever growing intensity, while we create resistance between them, a “resistor” device. By putting between these forces our heart and mind, we hold them in opposition: On one hand, we tame our egoistic force, while on the other, we engage the force of bestowal. By employing these two forces together, we work in the environment, and then we feel as if we are a “resistor in a circuit,” a resisting force in the integral system, its developing part.
From the 2nd lesson at the Rome Convention on 5/21/11

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