Everything Comes From The Upper Force

laitman_938.01Question: The point in the heart and egoism can be conjugated only if we restrict the egoism and develop the point in the heart to the state of a screen (Masach). Does it mean that we have egoism that we must perform certain actions on called restriction?

Answer: No, we should not do anything with egoism. We should always try to get closer to each other, and egoism will only hinder us in this. But this is what is called “help against you.” The fact that egoism hinders us is a good thing. It means that with its help we develop forces that are opposite to it. But there is nothing to expect in the egoism itself—no special manifestations.

Question: What is the development of the point in the heart up to the state of a screen (Masach)?

Answer: The concept of a screen (Masach) is revealed when, through my efforts, I suddenly begin to feel the existence of the Creator: the upper, all-determining, and governing force. From this moment, I already act differently.

My actions that take into account the upper force, the upper governance, the upper goal, bestowal, and love—i.e., the states outside the boundaries of my egoism—are called spiritual.

Involuntarily there is a restriction—the work with egoism determining with what force I strive to bestow, to connect with others. It depends on the degree of the revelation of the upper force in me that gives me an opportunity to act altruistically.

Question: But for a person of this world, the upper force is something unknown?

Answer: There is nothing unknown here. A person cannot feel it because he does not do anything for it. We need to act in the framework that we are given: to unite with others, to study the sources, to try to achieve adhesion, caring for each other and for the mutual guarantee, and then we form one common whole. In this commonality we will begin to feel the upper force.

Question: Will it suddenly manifest itself?  Is it impossible to predict when this will happen?

Answer: When it manifests, then we will know.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/16/17

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