How Does The Screen Appear?

laitman_276.02Question: At what point does the “click” occur where we achieve a restriction of egoism and gain a screen?

Answer: This happens almost imperceptibly because all spiritual actions begin with very small details, quantities, and oppositions. A person suddenly begins to realize that he had no relation to it before it, but now there is a feeling, a sensation, that appeared and entered his field of sensation.

Question: What are a restriction and a screen?

Answer: Both the screen and the restriction are a consequence of a feeling of the upper force appearing in a person. It manifests itself as existing in him, and a person acts in a certain way based on this. He understands where to restrict himself, why, and for what. The restriction and the screen appear in him in a natural way.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/16/17

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