Humanity And Drugs

laitman_961,2Question: Humanity has invented different ways of escaping from bad states—using drugs for example. What will happen in 2018 with the use of drugs?

Answer: Next year drug use will surely increase. And a large quantity of opiates, which will put humanity to sleep, will spread across the planet.

But what can be done? People will be laid off; they will remain jobless and without significant benefits. By using drugs to numb themselves, they will slowly put themselves to death.

Today, we already see that the human population essentially is not increasing. If it were not for the population of Africa and to some extent Oceania, the human population would have stopped growing long ago.

But the spread of drug use is not a solution. As Baal HaSulam wrote, the planet can feed dozens of times more people, even one hundred billion. And on Earth, there is enough room for everyone. Everything depends only on our relationship to each other.

Remark: You have said more than once that a higher power will not allow humanity to numb itself with drugs. It is impossible for the process of correction to stop. One way or another, the correction will proceed.

My Comment: Of course, the program will continue to be implemented. The problem is in how it will happen, what tortures will humanity have to go through in order to realize that they can’t do this?

Today, a great number of people use drugs. Imagine how difficult it will be for them to stop using them, to gradually rid themselves of this habit, and to begin to embrace the methodology of integral interaction. People need to start realizing that we all really depend on each other and we cannot escape this.

I should not indulge my stupid egoism that keeps pushing me incessantly: do this, don’t do that, don’t take others into consideration. I must get used to taking everybody into consideration as part of the same mechanism I work within and am completely dependent on. It is a very complex system of interaction between us. Therefore, a person should not only be trained, but also gradually become familiar with this methodology.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/24/17

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