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Laitman_407_01In the News (TechCrunch.com): “Xavier Niel’s new project is an ambitious coding university in Silicon Valley called 42. But the trick is that it’s nothing like other universities out there. …

“This isn’t Niel’s first try at building a coding school. 42 has been doing well in France. … there are already 2,500 students learning to code right now in Paris. But what makes 42 different?

“42 is nothing like your average university. There’s no teacher and no classroom. Students are expected to learn a set of skills in 3 to 5 years. The school relies on peer reviews, coding projects, internships and gamification. If you stay motivated for 3 to 5 years, you’ll become a good software engineer.”

My Comment: This is a very good method because it reconstructs the human level in a person and makes him self-reliant, responsible, and ready to communicate. The shared assignments build the mutual connection between the students. The students do the assignments together; they do the homework together and are in a mutual connection, which is wonderful.

We are reaching the point where the computer will be the doorway to a world through which a person will be able to attain everything so the old form of education will gradually disappear.

Question: What about the lecturers, the doctors, and the professors?

Answer: Their role will come down to writing books, programs, assignments, exams, workshops, etc. There is no need for lectures as the academic institutions will switch to self-learning methods.

Question: What I find most striking in this process is that the students check each other’s assignments. What impact will this have?

Answer: Certainly this will oblige them to be integrated, it will tighten the connections between them and will bring them together—not detaching and disconnecting them as working on a computer usually is.

Eventually we have to discover the need for contact and a tight connection with each other. Later, we will discover that every essential area in life, in society, in the economy, in commerce, etc.—everything relies only on the right mutual connection between people.

The right connection, just like in technology, is based on the fact that plus and minus connect through a resistor between them, where positive energy is released. I am sure that eventually everyone will discover this. Our role as Kabbalists is to explain that this is the correct law of connection of all the positive and negative attributes people have, of all the views and inclinations in society, and that it is all necessary to create the right connection between us. This is the only way humanity will safely ascend to the next level of its evolution, to spirituality.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/9/16

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