Fantasies And Reality, Part 4

laitman_928Question: If we are born with the egoistic glasses that show us an illusory world, how can we distinguish between illusion and reality?

Answer: This is impossible for us now, we have to develop new organs of perception. Then we’ll be able to make such scrutinize with the help of the upper force that will show us the difference between the reality that exists within our ego and the reality outside of us.

The reality that exists within our ego is changing day by day and every moment. If we rise above our egoistic feelings, we attain an external reality, the true reality. This reality does not change and that’s why we can depend on it; after all, it is indeed eternal.

I perceive everything through my ego now, through the “glasses” embedded in me from birth. And that is why everything I see is an imaginary world. Egoism is the will to receive pleasure from the world, and that is why I see the corresponding picture through my glasses, only from that perspective. This is the reality for me, but for others it is a fantasy already.

We can not imagine anything else because we live inside this program, inside the picture presented within our ego. But as soon as a person manages to get out of this imaginary picture, he starts noticing the difference between the two worlds: the one seen through his internal, innate “glasses” and the other perceived by feeling the upper force directly.

It is the force that paints the illusory picture to us, but at the same time, it gives us an opportunity to know this force itself. The attainment of the upper force without it being bent by our internal glasses is called the attainment of the Creator. And the method of achieving this attainment is called the wisdom of Kabbalah. Therefore, it is considered a hidden wisdom that uncovers the hidden reality for us.
From a TV Program “A New Life,” No. 787, 11/01/2016

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