I Want Social Justice!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is impossible to achieve social justice without mutual guarantee. What should social justice be like? There are dozens of various methods and plans, which are totally incomparable to each other. None of them have the answer to this question because it is impossible to achieve justice without seeing everyone as one family.

You have to reach an inner state when everyone is equal in your eyes, when you sit at a round table with everyone, like in a family, discuss common problems, and feel that everyone is equally close to you. Only then can you distribute the common “pie” and solve problems in regards to each and everyone and to all the people, only together with them, consulting with the others and taking all their opinions into consideration because they are dear to you. Only then can you achieve social justice. It is impossible any other way! This is why all nice slogans, just like in the Soviet Union, are doomed to fail.

Today we need to address everyone, gradually prepare the population, and explain that a strike is not the right method today as the old ways no longer work.

You want social justice? No problem, you will have justice if you become equal. How can equality be achieved? You, the poor, do you want that there would be no rich people? Let us do this through mutual guarantee. You, the rich, do you see that you can no longer control anything? But you can manage and enjoy managing, but this will not come from money in the form of zeroes in your bank account, which you do not need. Rather, the pleasure will come from the feeling of gratitude for your management.

Big industrialists and financiers, they are great people. They have achieved everything through hard work, and they know how to control huge systems. Let them do what they know to do, only give them a different pleasure. Today they are only experiencing suffering because their millions are “escaping” them and they are losing power. Give them something else: honor, respect, approval, and admiration for doing things for the sake of society, and they will cooperate.

In other words, we must have an approach for all layers of society.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/30/2011

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