The First Gleams Of Realization

Dr. Michael LaitmanPoliticians already partially understand the need for universal interconnection, and bankers and economists understand it even better because they are connected with this system. They suddenly discover that their money is not theirs because it circulates in one common system, and they cannot run anywhere with it. They see that egoistic connections no longer work—a different system does.

I have money in my bank account. I want to take it, but I am told: “Hold on, sir, this is not your money, it is in the common system. We have invested it into manufacturing, upbringing, and education, and it circulates there.” “But I want to get it back, after all I brought it in.” “Yes, you brought it, but no, you cannot get it back.” Bankers are now discovering this. They are simply horrified by the world they find themselves in.

They are already prepared to listen to us because of the problems and suffering that they experience by losing their billions. The power of money, political power, is slipping from their hands because the world is becoming round. And they do not know this world; they do not know how to work in it because they have always worked with “reins.”

Things would be much easier for us if everyone felt this.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/30/2011

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