Imaginary And True Freedom, Part 8 – A Worldwide University

laitman_578Comment: If I were a doctor in the future generation and signs of emptiness, depression, being closed, and despair appeared in my patient, I would not extinguish these signs with the help of pills; rather, I would explain to him towards what he was heading and aim him in the right direction.

Answer: I think that in the future, instead of doctors there will be guides who provide people with their new states, through training, education, preparation of internal, psychological, and spiritual workshops that bring the person out to a feeling of outer space. So instead of being closed within himself and only feeling the entire environment within himself, as happens today, it is necessary to bring the person out to a feeling of what is outside of him. This will be the role of the new worldwide university, and now that a passage towards a new need is happening within humanity, a new evaluation of life, we need to think about creating a completely new educational network.

To be continued….
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/11/15

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