Imaginary And True Freedom, Part 5 – Freedom After Solution Of The Problem

laitman_424_02Question: As a child I had the feeling that the whole world was a pot. The sky was the cover and I was in the bottom of the pot like a small insect.

All the stories about the Earth being round and large paled in comparison to this internal feeling of being isolated, imprisoned, trapped without an exit. What is this feeling?

Answer: This is a very real feeling about our closed world. Moreover, it is closed such that, on one hand, we see ourselves in some kind of immense space, but on the other hand, this space is dead, it has nothing in it.

And even if we were found not on this tiny ball but in another galaxy, it would be the same thing, I would not be able to escape from myself. Only there would be other conditions of the inanimate nature, and what else?

We truly are found in a “pot with a lid,” and if we don’t come out of this situation, then all of us can expect a bitter end; there is nothing to do here. But this feeling helps people consider why nature created us as intelligent beings and developed us from some inanimate particle to the most complex organisms; after all, it couldn’t be that this was purposeless.

As far as it seems, behind the physical, internal, and psychological organism (which is even more internal), there are still further abilities and possibilities, secret forces and characteristics that must be discovered in us.

As the human once emerged from being an ape, so the human should have something else in its internal development. We are going towards it and the wisdom of Kabbalah explains to us how to develop it within ourselves.

Today humanity has already reached a feeling of a final confrontation in its mutual relationships, and this must be solved because the constant deepening of confrontations between nations and peoples is very primitive, limited, closed and doesn’t permit us to break out of the gigantic “pot” of our world.

So the same drive that today dominates over larger and larger masses will bring us to a solution of this problem. We see according to the pervading depression in the world, according to the need for drugs, according to the wars and endless disorder, that humanity is seeking an escape, but doesn’t know what to do.

People are again turning to religions and don’t find anything in them, which means that an opposition is appearing among the masses themselves.

This is a search for a solution to the problem. It is deeper than freedom or lack of freedom. In other words, if I see some kind of purpose ahead of me that provides no freedom, I will agree to it; and if I don’t see it, then this is already the end.

But how much this goal is connected to freedom, we don’t know. In fact it is always connected to freedom, but today we cannot understand what this is.

According to Kabbalah, if you want to be free, you must stop being concerned about going deeper into yourself and musts begin to work outside of yourself, for the sake of others.

And when instead of being concerned about yourself, you begin to be concerned about others, instead of loving yourself, you love and feel them, and they become your only source of concern and love, your thoughts and drives, then you will be free. Free from what? Free from yourself. It is only in this case that we have a possibility of exiting ourselves.

Otherwise we are always deceiving ourselves, claiming that we are not egoists, we are free and things like that. Since the ego encloses us within the general “pot,” it is natural that it is the slave master here.

To be continued….
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/11/15

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