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#Attainment of the Upper world, the Creator, or my future undergoes 125 steps. Each of them requires an answer regarding the meaning of life, agreement with the Creator, and how I implement it. It turns out that with my attitude to the Creator, I define my future, I control Him.

In spirituality there is no time; so, there are no corporeal questions. The spiritual question arises from the difference between the present and the future. Hence, in spirituality there is only a question of attainment, and greater perfection, greater disclosure of the Creator.

The #Torah is not a historical narration. It’s about the development of the desire in us, about how to manage it, and how to rise above the power of the ego-desire (to exit Egypt), which locks us in ego-worries. And we must see ourselves as exiting from the ego, or Egypt.

Problems in a kabbalistic group are solely from lack of unity. The group doesn’t think enough about itself as one whole. It is vital to think not about one’s problem but about including all into one. Therein lies similarity to the Creator and impact of the Reforming #Light.

The correct answer comes only from the connection with the group, because in it resides the force of bestowal, the Creator. Hence, Kabbalists say not to solve anything with a corporeal mind but only with the ten. Then the answer is from above, from the power of your #development.

Every step forward on the #spiritual path requires closing the door behind so as to not escape. The door closes behind and opens in the front – like in a sluice – there is no way back. After all, it is the path of a gradual exit from #egoism, which is my whole nature.

From Twitter, 2/24/18

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