Workshop: Analysis Of Personal Reactions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I speak at a workshop, am I the one bestowing and the others are those who receive? Or the is it the opposite: when they speak, I perceive them as the greatest in the world?

Answer: Not necessarily. I can speak and while doing it be the one receiving and not the one bestowing. This is all very conditional; it depends on the individual’s intentions.

Question: The most difficult thing is to listen to someone. If I see a person for the first time, how can I raise his greatness to the extent that I will be able to hear him?

Answer: I must imagine myself existing in the zone of the Creator’s influence and He, through my friends, is addressing me. That’s why I am interested, first, in what the friend is saying, and second, in how I react to it.

It may be that I react to it positively, with love, caring, forgiveness, or it may be that I react to it negatively with criticism, dissatisfaction, and hatred. I observe my reactions, and in this way rise above them and above all that the friends are saying toward unity with them.

The Creator is showing me my present state. And no matter what anyone in the circle is saying, even if it sounds unpleasant or hateful to me, I must, in spite of these sensations, achieve a feeling of love toward them, even if they are saying the most unpleasant things. Because I am not looking at them, but at the Creator who is speaking through them.

Question: Let’s say I dutifully observe my reaction to what they are saying. What am I to do with these observations?

Answer: Analyze them to see how much you are agreeing or disagreeing with them, then try, by your answers, to rise above your egoism.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 10/22/17

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