Pesach, Matza, Maror

laitman_284.03We don’t have a need for spirituality ‑ it is given to us from above. No one on their own lights up with an aspiration to study Kabbalah and reveal the Creator. One is led there from above, and this is called “in due time” (Beito), by the natural path of development. However, if we wish to advance on our own according to “the hastening of time” (Achishena), we need the mutual guarantee. Through the connection to the group, I can receive from the friends and provide each of them the correct spiritual needs through which we will be able to advance.

There is no other way. I cannot extract the correct aspiration for spirituality from myself; it would be for anything but spirituality. We shouldn’t be ashamed or afraid of the desires that arise in the group. After all, envy, pride, honor, and the desire for power, which consciously or unconsciously manifest in the group, help us reach the spiritual world. Meanwhile a person can experience the most honorable and pure desires, but if they don’t go through the group, they will not help the advancement.*

During Pesach (Passover) a person must say, “Pesach, Matza, Maror.” Otherwise one will not come out of Egypt. The Matza is the war with the evil inclination. The Maror is the unbearable bitterness from the work, from one’s inability to unite and bestow. Therefore, first we come to Pesach (Pasach means the passing), and then to salvation.

One follows the other: Pesach, Matza, MarorPesach does not depend on the person; it’s the Creator giving one the strength to escape (Pasach). And Matza and Maror are one’s duty to swallow his work in order to choke from the bitterness of the egoism and scream out.**
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/20/18, Writings of Rabash—Igrot (Letters) / Letter No. 72
(Minute 11:30)
** (Minute 17:00)

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