When Kabbalah Captures A Person

laitman_571.03Question: If the method of Kabbalah elevates us above problems, then does a person while breaking away from earth and hovering in the clouds, stop solving his problems on the corporeal level?

Answer: No, this can happen only at the beginning when a person first discovers the method.

Suddenly, he encounters science, people, books, and the teaching—the entire system that explains how everything is arranged in our world. Some people are attracted specifically to this, others are attracted to the opportunity to rise above their problems and enter into different states, a third group want to understand what life and death are, a fourth group want to find out what happens to the souls and their reincarnations, and so on.

In other words, ordinary people have a lot of questions that are solved when they encounter Kabbalah. When this captures a person, he can even abandon his family, work, or anything else. It is necessary to act very cautiously here since the discovery of such a system astonishes people.

Therefore, Kabbalah is not revealed in every generation or without a reason. However, in our generation, it can be revealed because humanity has been through many different states, and in practice, humanity can hardly be surprised by anything.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/17/17

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