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Attainment of the Creator—
Lies in achieving independence from egoism,
This is fulfillment!

The Creator exists
In degrees of attainment
Of “There’s none else besides Him.”

Spiritual work is difficult until you acquire spiritual qualities because you’re working against egoism. But after acquiring the will to bestow, the work starts to be for the sake of your beloved, a pleasure. You gain freedom and it’s easy to bestow.
#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah

An overall #economic #recession is underway. Living standards are falling. Many industries are operating at a loss. Our incomes are reverting to the mid-20th century.
Development can occur if there’s a spiritual component. When it matches the corporeal one, corporeality can then grow.

By differentiating us from #ego
The Creator extricates us from it—
And ego doesn’t notice us!

Our connections are so important,
Forming one desire of the soul.
This connects me to my soul!

We can’t come out of ego alone,
We need an external force,
The Creator will bring us out of the dungeon.

The great #migration of nations,
#Egoism pushes us to mingle with other nations since it must connect with other manifestations of egoism. The law by which this migration happens is that broken desires must unite and become internally included.

I recommend that the entertainment industry’s Jews work on creating a new social vision, one of a positively connected future where we and humanity as a whole will succeed to connect above all of our differences.
#NataliePortman #GenesisPrize

My post about #NataliePortman and the #Genesis Prize:
If we’re speaking about Jewish people in the entertainment industry, then I would expect them to portray an authentic representation of the #Jewish essence. >>>

Jews aren’t a nation, but a collection of people from all 70 nations of Ancient Babylon in whom a “point” of connection with the Creator is revealed. It’s dormant in the rest. Hence, by uniting, as a converging lens (pipe), they can transmit the Creator’s Light to all the nations.

The world is what I see inside me, a reflection of my desires, my qualities.
The reality I feel is necessary to begin existence, a starting point.
Suffering is the expression of an unrealized desire.
Pleasure is the process of realizing a desire.
#Reality_ML #Kabbalah

Outside of me there’s the Creator. But I attain Him with my qualities, bit by bit.

If you want to reveal the world, build it in you (the same as the world you feel now). #Kabbalah is from the word “to receive”—to receive the sensation of what’s actually happening, the Upper World

We can only research what happens in our feelings, desire,
If we feel what happens in the intention of receiving—the sensation is called Our World.
If we feel in the intention of bestowal—the sensation is called the Upper World. Both are felt inside, not outside of us!

A good intention is what turns #ego into a soul
#egoism #SelfImprovement #kabbalah

The soul is the intention to do “for the others’ sake” that I got from the Creator.
The intention “for others” is called the Soul.
The state where I work for myself is egoism.
The state where I work for others/the Creator is #altruism or a #soul.

#Scientists say: 42.6 million Americans over 45 suffer from chronic #loneliness. Over 1/4 of the #population lives alone, over 1/2 is not married.
#Egoism locks a person inside himself, like in a jug. We are free from each other —and not needed. What next?
#society #Statistics

There’s no state worse than not thinking about the Creator.
When we cling to Him and demand help, we give Him joy.
Most importantly, the plea must be for correction.
There’s no greater delight for the Creator than our realization that He’s the source of creation and the only force.
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