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We must first attain mutual guarantee between us—then we’ll be able to observe the “commandments,” i.e., connect the broken desires.
We’ll do it with the help of the “Light that reforms,”
called “Torah,” and inside the unity, we’ll reveal the Creator—the goal of creation.

Creation is one who’s able to give pleasure to the Creator.
It happens when we figure out that we’re unable to correct nature and we need the Creator’s help.
We give Him pleasure by asking Him to work.
After all, in spirituality, the work is the reward.
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There’s no state worse than not thinking about the Creator.
Because then it’s as if the Creator doesn’t exist.
By clinging to Him, we give Him joy.
Most important is the plea for correction and adhesion.
The Creator’s delight lies in us realizing that He’s the source of life!

The Creator gave us work to reveal a need for Him.
Therefore, our efforts are called “the Creator’s work”:
We reveal that He is the source of destructions and corrections,
He gives us work, accepts our prayer, and draws us to adhesion with Him.
#SpiritualWork_ML #Kabbalah

Realizing that correction is impossible leads us to plead with the Creator, changes our attitude to the world: “The Torah’s opinion is opposite to the layman’s opinion,” those who don’t need help from above
One who studies Kabbalah feels weak: “The Torah reduces man’s strength.”

Repair of the #Soul seems impossible, endless. It’s because the proper work leads to failure and a plea for help. In our world, a plea for help indicates failure in one’s work, whereas in spiritual work it’s opposite: #success lies in attaining the #prayer of the broken heart.

– How much should you take from the Creator’s treasure trove?
– As much as you can give away to the friends. This is the soul’s fulfillment.
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Only the Creator can correct it all!

“You can’t finish the work, but you have no right to be absolved from it.”
I reveal my total dependence on the Upper Force.
I rejoice at my weakness.
Only the “Ner Dakik” spark in me pulls me forward.
Progress lies in revealing one’s helplessness!

I must give the full measure of attempts, efforts (half a shekel, Seah), attain unity with the Creator in the group. I must exert and try, like a child assembling a puzzle; be convinced that I can’t—then the right request will emerge, and “the Creator will finish it for me.”

Another challenge in spiritual work is that the puzzle of the broken Soul can be assembled by seeing its corrected state
But how can we assemble it without seeing an example?
Actually the Creator Himself assembles the soul from the parts; we must only annul ourselves in His work!

A beautiful sign of spiritual progress:
When day by day, I start
Anew, assembling my broken desires.

The law of the soul—unity of its parts
So connected,
That it can only be attained from breakage.

There’s only this moment—and in it
None else besides Him
And emptiness, nothing.

Reading something you’ve read many times, it’s like the first time. All you’ve done disappears…
This brings you to despair since in our world we collect knowledge, but in the spiritual—a new degree begins from zero every time.
But that’s a sign of renewal of the 10 Sefirot!

Correction is recreating the soul system that was intentionally broken by Adam’s #sin. We need to connect the broken shards.
The challenge is that having connected one part, when moving on to the next part, the past disappears. It’s because new qualities and sensations emerge.

One must always be in the middle line. You won’t jump from a state of elation to despair if you hold on to the goal. My mood determines how goal-oriented the states I go through are. I do not have sudden mood swings, like a child.
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The nation of #Israel‘s return to its land—we celebrate the fact that we and all humanity have received the chance to start a new development. We have to show this to ourselves and the world—it’s a real holiday, a #future, rather than suffering that we managed to get through.

#Kabbalah teaches us to rise above ego by the force of upper light and to aim at the goal of creation: unity with everyone and the Creator. All the disturbances are like ascending steps leading to the goal—a shift to a calculation for the benefit of the group, #world, Creator.

If we’re aimed at the goal, similarity to the Creator, then in good times and bad we feel roughly on the same level, and aren’t vulnerable to mood swings, because the goal is paramount, and changes are useful for achieving it. Thus we walk the middle line!
#Spiritualwork #Kabbalah
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