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The upper system is perfect since all its parts are smoothly and mutually connected.
The lower system, our world, formed due to the destruction of these connections and their transformation into an egoistic interconnection.
Upper—#truth. Lower—#lie #wisdom

A person doesn’t receive anything from people. He receives everything from the Creator, “There’s none else besides Him”
Therefore, think and act to create a relationship with the Creator rather than people—a relationship He transmits onto me through people (angels – messengers)

#SpiritualWork_ML #Reality_ML
If I correct myself, I correct the surrounding #world and stop seeing negative qualities in it. This depends only on my, not others’, correction. The world is my reflection, indicating where and to what extent I’m still not corrected. Thanks!

-What happens when #fear comes upon a person?
-Imagine that there’s “None else besides Him,” no dark #forces or #enemies, but only the Creator Himself is bringing up the person, so he’ll demand revelation through equivalence with the Creator. This is the only necessary action!

I must see everything as the Creator’s call.
There are no #people in the world. There are puppets putting on a show for me to teach me to understand the Producer. If you forget about this and take revenge, you become part of the show and, tuning out, turn into a puppet.

If an enemy rises up against you, try to correct qualities in you that make you his enemy—and you’ll stop provoking the animosity.
Think about how you’ll correct yourself since the other person is demonstrating your flaws. This is the Creator disclosing yourself to you.

If there are qualities in me I dislike, I have no right to eradicate them. I must learn to use even the worst qualities correctly.
I must reach the end of life having created a connection with others in which the Creator is revealed. This is the only thing remaining after #life.

We are dependent like cells in a body
Each one’s state is determined by the whole organism
But we have the sensation of independence and fight for #freedom
We can’t break our #connections. Living according to them and sensing #harmony in them is the aim of proper #development!

#Scientists say: 42.6 million Americans over 45 suffer from chronic #loneliness. Over 1/4 of the population lives alone, over 1/2 is not married.
#Egoism locks a person inside himself, like in a jug. We are free from each other—and not needed. What next?

A correct version of the #media would engage itself in creating positive human #connections, “to connect people, to build #community and to bring the world closer together’, as #Zuckerberg testified before US #Congress and the #world.

And so we are gradually brainwashed by a fake value system, praising or reprimanding others for the natural drives they were born with. #fake #values


The media dramatizes behaviors and actions that derive from our instinctive basic drives, instead of reminding us that it is our real nature, and theirs. #journalists

Michael Laitman added,

The #media thrives on celebrating our lack of connection to our inner essence. To continue making money, the media deludes us day and night, producing extravagant shows out of our natural impulses. (Excerpt from )

After the utter horror millions of our ancestors experienced in the Holocaust, the world had mercy on us and supported the establishment of our new national home: the State of Israel. #Israel #holocaust
My full article in @BINAlerts

You can’t relate the causes of blows to yourself. Egoism is common for the whole group, the entire organism is sick!
You received a blow that does not relate to you, but you are connected to everyone and therefore, it’s yours!
Thus, all corrections must be carried out in the group!

Each one gets blows due to the system’s flaw as a whole. Thus, everyone suffers since everyone must shift to new relationships of universal, good dependence. Every person gets provoked to be corrected by the common system of connection. A better state is one of greater dependence

Internally, modern man is no different than his barbaric ancestor.
In the world’s manifestation as a single system, he must change his #egoistic nature to the opposite.
The transformation happens by Kabbalah’s instructions, evoking the upper force, which turns him into Man.

Nature is an interconnected system. An organism lives because each part takes the common good into account. One component can’t be alive. Life is entry and exit, exchange of substances, #forces, #information. This is possible only by giving up personal #ego for the sake of “We.”

Lack of understanding of life’s #purpose leads to #hatred. Countries and people clash, suppressing the question of life’s meaning.
Man, far from attaining the #meaning of life, needs to be given a chance to find out about what the aim of our #existence is…

The earth and its ecosystems are our home. People must care about the proper use of the earth’s resources, considering #future generations as well. The problem can be solved only by correcting man’s egoistic nature.
From Twitter, 4/23/18

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