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laitman_222.0There are already people among us who use their singularity in forms of bestowal upon others. But they are still few, as we are still in the midst of the path of development. When we come to the Highest point of the degrees, we will all be using our singularity only in a form of bestowal upon others, and there will never be any case of any person using it in a form of self-reception. By those words, we find the opportunity to examine the conditions of life in the last generation—the time of world peace, when the whole of humanity achieves the level of the first side and will use their singularity only in the form of bestowal upon others, and not at all in the form of reception for self. And it is good to copy here the above-mentioned form of life so it will serve to us as a lesson and as a role model to settle our minds under the flood of the waves of our lives. Perhaps it is worthwhile and possible in our generation, too, to experiment in resembling this above form of life. (Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World“)

We have to create small communities that can demonstrate individual principles of the future generation. We need to advertise them so that people come, study, take courses, and try to put these principles in practice by moving with their families to such communities for at least a couple of months.

All forces that are manifested in the person, nature, and the world around us push us to rise above our egoism and to exist on a completely different level—the level of the Creator, the total power of nature and altruism. The problem is in how to do it.

For this, there is a special group of people in our world called Kabbalists who, due to their unique internal development, which was independent of them, they received a push to a new lifestyle.

They study how the system managing our world is organized, how we can come to it, adapt it to ourselves, and change ourselves for it.

Therefore, the masses have someone to learn and adapt this method from, because Kabbalists realize it in their own experience.

Most people, however, know nothing about it, nor do they understand it, and are egoistically against it. After all, we are talking about a special inverse change within our nature—a change from someone who desires to receive and enjoy at expense of others to one who gives, where another becomes closer than himself, or at least like his only beloved child who he constantly thinks about.

It is almost unbelievable and imperceptible in a person. But nature will pressure us with great suffering if we do not voluntarily move toward it.

Kabbalah explains how one can make small steps to the biblical principle of “love your neighbor as yourself” so that although not by your own choice, but still not very restrained, one can learn these principles in advance, try to absorb them, and even begin to translate some elements of the main commandments of the Torah “love your neighbor as yourself” and “the unity of all people.”
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 10/23/17

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