Is It Possible To Pray For Others?

laitman_239Question from Facebook: Human nature is to always take care of only one’s beloved. Is it really possible that we will pray for others? This is absolutely unnatural and false.

Answer: Absolutely. You’re right. This is already a true starting point. Is it possible to correct and change our nature to the opposite, to the correct balance between us? If all of nature—still, vegetative, and animate—exists in an integral mutual connection, how can we make people co-exist among themselves in the same way?

We see that this is possible in a limited field: in engineering, trade, science, art, but not in communication between people.

How can this be achieved? Only by changing human nature from egoistic to altruistic. And this is beyond our control. We can only wish that it happens.

But there is a power in the world called the upper force because it is above our egoism. It can correct us. We will feel each other closer than our brothers, sisters, parents, and children. We will acquire such a feeling, and it will oblige us to be together as one family.

Question: Do I have to think that in this process, I am attracting the upper force?

Answer: It’s not important. It’s a matter of methodology. There are different human levels. The main thing is that there is such a positive force in nature that can change us if we draw it upon ourselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/27/17

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