What Is Prayer?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion from Facebook: What is prayer?

Answer: Prayer is an appeal to the upper force of nature to correct one’s egoistic inclination.

This is the only thing that the upper force accepts as the right request, a desire, a sense of deficiency, that attracts a positive force, correcting this deficiency.

Question: And what about the millennia of prayers humanity raised in the course of history?

Answer: They cannot be considered prayers because only a request to correct one’s egoism and to replace it with universal love for everyone is called a prayer.

If you do not ask for this, you don’t appeal to anyone. The upper force responds only to this request because the property of love and bestowal is all that it contains. Whoever asks this force for the property of love and bestowal gets it to the extent that they have a true desire. Whoever doesn’t ask, doesn’t receive it. You can cry as much as you want about everything else, it’s “a voice crying out in the desert.”

Question: Then what is the purpose of the purposefully composed prayer books that people recite prayers from?

Answer: By reading these prayers, a person raises his desire not toward correction, but toward all sorts of personal benefits: money, health, and so on. None of this works.

Question: What should I ask for in order for it to be a true prayer?

Answer: You should ask only for a supra-egoistic property: bestowal and love of others. Everything else is a waste of time.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/3/17

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