The Wisdom Of King Solomon: “There Is No Righteous Man On Earth”

laitman_272Comment: King Solomon inserted tremendous wisdom in his sayings, and behind its external simplicity lies a great depth.

Ecclesiastes, 7:20: For there is no righteous man on earth who does good and sins not.

My Response: I would say it differently: that there is no righteous person on earth who would do anything righteous without sinning before it. And each time, to the extent of one’s sin, one can act righteously. One against the other.

Question: What do you think sin is?

Answer: Sin is any condition where I can harm others. It does not have to be in action; it can be in intention. When I realize this, then I immediately proceed to the next state where I correct myself by the correct kind attitude toward others, and this completes my correction.

Therefore, the fact is that you see good actions, but maybe you just do not realize that before a person did some good, it was evil, conscious evil, and there was the decision to switch to good and the state of good that you already see.

That is, four steps occur from the evil state to the good state, and then it is implemented.

Question: So before I did any kind deed, did I sin before it?

Answer: If you did a good deed, then yes, you sinned beforehand. And if you do not feel that you have sinned beforehand, then your deed is not good.

It is truly the case. There are such stories and parables, where every cheerful and truly wise person has an opposite and depressive opposite inside.

Raikin [a Soviet stand-up comedian] was such a character. It was thanks to these states which he experienced, that when he felt completely repulsive states toward the world from himself and toward himself from the world, he went on stage and could depict the opposite. Otherwise, he would not have these emotions, this understanding, how to say, the opposite. It is always like this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Micahel Laitman,” 12/30/19

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