Coronavirus Vaccine

laitman_944The coronavirus has already spread to eighty countries, and shows us how much we depend on each other. We are searching for the way these viruses are transmitted from one person to another through airplanes or physical contact.

But in fact, they do not spread in this way but through our thoughts. After all, we are connected in a single field, and if I think badly of you, then with my thoughts I awaken thoughts in you that cause all kinds of manifestations and consequences in you.

This phenomenon is known to people who are engaged in international security. The science of Kabbalah explains that our thoughts possess either the most destructive power or are the kindest of all the forces of nature. But unfortunately, we are acting using only destructive thoughts.

Therefore, neither preventive measures in the fight against coronaviruses nor the invention of new antibiotics will help us. If not this virus, then another one will appear. We must finally understand that we need to cure the relationships between people. If our relationships and thoughts become good, then no virus will break through.

Unkind thoughts about others or disunity clothe into the human body and manifest as disease. This is a disease at the highest level, which we are unable to defend ourselves against because we do not have power over our thoughts. We do not know who is thinking about what, and we cannot control even our own thoughts.

Therefore, this is a big problem. One must be taught how to control one’s thoughts so that they are good for everyone. This is the only way we can defeat all viruses. For such correction, we need the science of Kabbalah; there is no other way.

After all, human egoistic nature makes us think only about ourselves. Therefore, a special science, a unique method, and work in a group are needed to teach a person to think about others. It seems so simple, but it is the absolute opposite of human nature.

As we begin to correct ourselves, we will see that the world is changing in relation to us. We will begin to feel that there is a special power around us called the upper light, which acts and organizes the whole world in the best possible way. We enter this force and live in it, and then we have no fear of any coronaviruses or other diseases.

Not too long ago, we held a large international Kabbalistic convention in Tel Aviv. Every day there was a fear that the Ministry of Health would forbid us to attend the congress.

After all, this was a huge meeting with more than 5,000 people gathering together in a big city, sitting together, hugging, eating at the same table, breathing the same air, and spending three days in the same room. All the air was filled with different viruses, but no one was infected.

This is because through our connection we made the most correct and effective vaccination and disinfection. This can serve as an example for humanity of how the power of unity cleanses, settles and sanctifies everything.

By the fact that we want to unite in a single thought, for the sake of one goal, we create a force field, each with our own thought. Thought is power. Connecting all our forces, we create a force field, which is the highest of all fields existing in the world, physical or biological.

If we set this field above ourselves and want it to connect us, all of us wanting to connect with this field, and become “as one man with one heart,” all as friends and brothers, then nothing can harm us.

This is how it works, because one’s thought is the highest impact one can make. Therefore, it destroys all the viruses existing below him at lower levels: inanimate, vegetative, and animate. This field radiates love and unity, which together create a global positive force that destroys all negative factors.

Therefore, there is nothing to fear. We can drink poison, and if we are aimed in the right connection with the spiritual field, then nothing can harm us. People can protect themselves by being in good contact with us, and then they will constantly receive an antivirus that will protect them from disease. I wish you all good health!
From KabTV’s “World: The Coronavirus Epidemic,” 3/3/20

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