Take Care Of Wider And Wider Circles Of Humanity

laitman_276.04The entire universe comes from one single point. Thus, the Creator, the upper force of bestowal, is revealed in relation to the created beings. The Creator is the central point of all creation. The wisdom of Kabbalah has emerged from all the attainments of the upper force that the human being has ever achieved. If we follow the advice of the Kabbalists, we can achieve the same revelations. Kabbalah is a genuine, practical wisdom that deals with the revelation of the Creator.

We can only see what we receive from the Creator, and this is the basis of our entire wisdom. This is how we discover what prevents us from revealing the Creator: our egoism, the desire to enjoy, which limits us. At first, we do not feel any hindrance in egoism. Yet, when we try to recognize and feel the upper force acting upon us and to feel the barrier, the inability to perceive it with our heart and mind, then we understand that the cause is in the egoistic force, which resists the revelation of the Creator.

But after correction, the force of egoism turns from evil, harmful, and concealing into the opposite, into the revealing force, and becomes our helper. By restricting this egoism, covering it with a screen, and raising the reflected light, we can reveal the Creator in this light: the quality of bestowal, love, and connection—all those properties that we do not have by nature.

Thus, the concealing force becomes the force of revelation, the force of rejection becomes the force of connection, and we find ourselves standing before the Creator. At the same time, we find out that we have become similar to Him after all the corrections we have received. This is how our connection with the Creator is revealed. As we gradually attain the degrees of perfection, we come to know the Creator, and in accordance with this, we feel that all the light, the whole common soul, shines in each of us.

Therefore, the force of rejection is necessary; after all, it is because of it that all revelation later takes place.1

If I am afraid to fall, I must always take care of the ways to renew our connection. The force of inertia does not work here. As soon as I cease to make an effort, I immediately stop. So even to stay in the same state, I have to think about renewing it every second. Even more so if I want to strengthen this state, I must constantly look for ways to add love, connection, and awaken others to feel a new taste, additional strength.

Fearing a descent, I keep adding effort, and every second I feel a little more air, more taste. This is a very important feeling that you constantly add and taste in the addition.2

To the extent that I think about the advancement of the group, I accelerate my advancement in spirituality. By expanding my spiritual vessel (Kli) more and more and taking care of wider and wider circles until it covers all of humanity, I move faster and faster. This is a very simple system; the only problem is that the egoism does not allow us to act.3
From the Lesson 5 of The Desert Convention 2020, Connecting to the Central Point
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