My Thoughts On Twitter 3/16/20

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If #Coronavirus is over in a couple of months, the world will go back to its routine. But if the fall lasts longer, countries will have to unite in order to survive, forgetting any ego-calculations. Perhaps this is how humanity, in the face of death from egoism, will agree to change its evil ways for a good connection…?!

It is not diseases that I am sending you! What you see as diseases are your mistakes. However, if you attribute all your states to Me, you will discover that they are not diseases, but corrections which bring you closer to me!
(Sanhedrin, 101.1) See Lesson on 03/16/20.

The #coronavirus epidemic has led to a global situation and revolution. This microscopic virus is eradicating our powerful and unshakable structures at the root! Countries are closing borders. The whole world is hiding at home, with the doors locked. The enemy surfaces at an inaccessible level…

One small virus breaks the profitable bonds that have been built between us in order to profit from others, to exploit, to compete with each other, because nature seeks to restore the right balance, and it is therefore opposed to our ego nature which wants to use everyone…

With all the high level of progress and material prosperity, we lack human connections. We cannot build a normal society and raise children properly. Nature shows—only the ego needs to be cured, and reveals the #virus—this is the essence of the crisis!

Human development leads to the realization of connection and dependence on each other. Trying to stop the epidemic, the countries are attempting to close themselves off, isolating people, destroying connections. By doing so we condemn ourselves to a miserable existence, as if returning to prehistoric times.

Man uses others to his advantage—this destroys the integral system of nature. Ego-desire cannot be satiated. The integral, global system of nature does not agree with this and produces antibodies that do not allow a person to destroy natural systems.

Development is possible only when the condition of nature’s interconnection is observed. The universe and the earth: the inanimate nature, plants, animals, and people are part of one mechanism and depend on one another. In this entire system, only one law operates requiring each part to complement the others.

There is no tiny particle in the universe that is not connected through a field of connections to the whole universe, with each of its elements on all degrees. The most decisive connection is on the human degree, on the degree of thought, meaning relationships it is what determines and governs everything!

Nature is an integral law connecting all elements together and not allowing any one of them to be in charge, but only to support the reciprocal connection with the other parts. As soon as we burrow inside our egoism, we feel resistance from people, society and nature.

The virus has exposed the deceptive connection of the #EU member states. Moreover, instead of acting in collaboration, the EU member states are closing their boundaries. The virus has exposed the false alliance—it was only partial and only economic, since it is egoistic, but the nations did not get closer!
From Twitter, 3/16/20

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