My Thoughts On Twitter 3/13/20

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The #coronavirus epidemic is the first blow of a whole series of blows that will be revealed one by one. We create room for the #virus by treating each other badly. The virus emerges in the place where mutual guarantee is missing, which we should have established.

Humanity is interdependent in every area of life. However, human relationships aren’t improving. We’re becoming increasingly opposite to our interdependence. We connect in order to exploit each other. When these bad connections become unbearable nature breaks them apart #COVID-19.

If we could see that a kind gaze cures us of the #coronavirus, everyone on earth would instantly become righteous. But a person is required to have awareness and aspiration toward bestowal, rather than to selfish profit, toward thoughts about everyone instead of himself. He will stop being sick when everyone feels good.

#COVID-19 Today our dependence on each other is expressed by the fact that, out of fear of being infected, I close myself off from others, disconnecting from the negative connection. But let’s reveal our positive dependence! If we unite properly, we will start producing positive viruses!

Humanity has undergone a long path of development and is starting to feel as one body. We should thank the #coronavirus—it has brought the whole world to such unity. If the #epidemic drags on, humanity will reveal that it truly belongs to one system where everyone depends on each other.

A Kabbalist feels the life of the animate body similarly to changing out of one shirt into another. If the most important thing is me (the soul), rather than the shirt (the body), then each time I change my shirt, I change and receive more beautiful clothing. #Death entails nothing but the loss of opportunity to make corrections.

If North and South America and European countries, close borders, humanity will revert to border barriers. The only solution is to scrutinize what should be the proper connection between us and how to build good relationships, so no virus could infiltrate.
The virus shows a breach of connection!

The problems being revealed to humanity serve as medicine, pushing us to unite. We do not wish each other well. The virus is passed from person to person, from an ill-intended gaze and words of condemnation, which materialize in the form of viruses.

The virus has resulted in mass #layoffs. This wave will uproot humanity—we are at the “red line”—nature will not allow us to continue existing this way. For the first time in human history, we are realizing that this is a blow from above. Every person will feel that this is divine retribution, that we are being straightened out from above.

Every person in the world should understand: the coronavirus isn’t an accident. The forces of nature lead human society, aspiring to unite us into one system. In this system, there are laws that nature will obligate us to fulfill—if not by our goodwill and our understanding, then coercively.

The #coronavirus is a problem shared by everyone. It demands of humanity to unite in the right way and to establish mutual guarantee. Nature is trying to bring us to the awareness that mutual guarantee is a necessity, so we will once again become as one man, one system.
From Twitter, 3/13/20

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