My Thoughts On Twitter 3/11/20

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Baal HaSulam, famous 20th century Kabbalist:
Nature, like a professional judge, punishes us according to our #development. Hence, to the extent of humanity’s development and achievement of #economic and technological progress, #suffering and disasters will increase!
From his article “The Peace.”

The most dangerous virus is our egoism. By not using our inner egoism, we will neutralize the external viruses—like cures like. In order to heal from the destructive egoism, our actions must become altruistic, as a single humanity on this small planet earth.

There are only two forces in nature—negative and positive. Moreover, the wisdom of Kabbalah says the negative force must always be under the positive force’s influence. We can affect this by our efforts to come closer to each other, which will lead to victory over all diseases.
From Twitter, 3/11/20

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