Thought Is The Greatest Force

Laitman_024Question: Is it possible to measure a thought in our world? Is it an electromagnetic wave or something else?

Answer: Our thoughts are absolutely immaterial. Naturally, they give some material depiction in us. We can measure different potentials with the help of brain encephalograms, etc., but these are not thoughts themselves but rather a consequence of material carriers that react thus when something happens in them.

Thought is the greatest force with which you can overturn the entire world. It is above our world, but it descends here as a control signal.

Question: Does it mean that what is most invisible is the most powerful?

Answer: Definitely. For example, what is there to see in an atomic bomb? A kilogram of some matter. What happens to it when it explodes? If you connect opposite elements with each other, say, plus and minus, what energy do you get?!

Question: Can we compare this released energy to a thought?

Answer: No, thought is much stronger because it is not limited by distance and force. Everything depends only on the one who uses it and the way he uses it.

Question: Can the power of thought be negative? For example, is an evil eye also a thought?

Answer: Yes, these are very harmful thoughts that must not be used, but they do exist.

Question: We say that spirituality is detached from corporeality. But even though a thought is not material, it nevertheless affects us. Is this a one-way influence?

Answer: No. By saying that spirituality does not affect corporeality, we mean something completely different. However, it is spirituality that controls corporeality. What else can control matter if not the spirit?

Question: Does it mean that immaterial thoughts control corporeality?

Answer: Of course. If we knew how much we spoil the world with our thoughts, I cannot even imagine what we would do! Look in what physical conditions people exist and how much their bodies suffer! It is only because of our evil thoughts.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/3/19

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