The Mind Only Evaluates Feelings

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Baal HaSulam writes that “the most important sensation is the noetic sensation, given to man alone.” Does he mean that the mind is a type of sensation?

Answer: No, he doesn’t. We evolve through sensations or feelings. Feelings change, and we study what we feel. We consist of the heart (Liba) and the mind (Mocha). The purpose of evolution of the mind is to help us understand what we feel.

Uniting the heart and mind is called the expansion of the Light of Hochma (Wisdom) in the Light of Hassadim (Mercy). This is perfection, the Light of AB-SAG. The Light of Hochma or AB fully expands in the Light of Hassadim or SAG, which results in the soul’s attainment of the Light of Keter.

This is a thought which expands within and understands the desires, and the desires understand the thought. They “intertwine” complementing each other. And then, with the help of the mind, the feelings unfold and evolve (intensify), and with their help a greater development of the mind occurs.

If I get a stronger impression, my mind evolves and studies the cause of impressions. Our bestowing and receiving desires and thoughts constantly undergo development, the Light of Hassadim and the Light of Hochma grow. By clothing in each other they acquire perfection. Elokut (Godliness) indicates the clothing of the Lights in each other.

The degree of faith is expressed by the Light of Hassadim, and complete faith and love are expressed in clothing of the Light of Hochma in the Light of Hassadim.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/13/10, “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence”

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