What Desires Do We Work With?

laitman_627.1Question: What desires should we connect together: desires for spirituality or any desires?

Answer: Only for spirituality. The remaining desires disinterest us. They are all different. And why would we care about them?

You have some aspirations in life; for example, to become a musician or a shoemaker. It does not matter. I care only about your attitude to the Creator. Only with this intention, with this desire of yours, I want to be in closeness. And all the other desires do not concern me because they are all corporeal.

I am not interested in what you do: family, work, hobbies. For me, only one thing is important: your aim toward the Creator, and my aim toward the Creator. If we combine them together, we will become stronger and be closer to receiving the upper light from Him.

Question: If someone in this chain has no desire to reveal the Creator, then can this affect the whole system completely?

Answer: No. These desires cannot affect the system. Of course, random people might be between us, but they do not affect the others because each person connects according to their desire. And if they do not have a real desire for spirituality, then they don’t seem to connect to us. They exist in their animal form, but in spirituality, they are not with us.

Question: There are stronger and weaker spiritual desires. Do they absorb each other?

Answer: Nobody absorbs anything or anybody because all desires are completely different. They are unlike each other. The only thing they can do is connect together.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/16/20

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