When Someone Leaves The Group

laitman_568.01Question: What happens to the point in the heart if someone comes to the group with enthusiasm and after some time leaves for some reason? Is it possible to see what happens to his point in the heart?

Answer: Of course. Unfortunately, there are such cases. If someone leaves the group, it means that he goes back to this lowest world, and refuses spiritual advancement. As a rule, this comes from the fact that his pride will disallow him to lower himself before his friends and join the group.

He needs to understand that no matter how low, small, or insignificant the group might seem to him, he must lower himself, enter into it, and be together with everyone on an equal or even lower level.

Read what Rabash writes about inclusion in the group.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabballah,” 2/9/20

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