At The Red Line

laitman_222The coronavirus epidemic touches every person in the world, no matter where he is from including Italy, Israel, Korea, or Russia. The whole world is worried. The virus spreads without recognizing any borders and there is no end in sight. Experts predict that the epidemic will last for a year until some means of fighting the virus appears.

The coronavirus has significantly changed the relationship between people in human society by posing serious questions for us. What should be done so we can return to normal life? What is nature demanding from us and why does it bring us such surprises? What is the solution to all the problems we face in our lives?

On one hand, these problems show us how connected and dependent upon each other we really are. On the other hand, our connection is not kind and we need to learn how to change it. The coronavirus has just started to reveal the severity of our condition. The situation is not too bad yet.

Let’s see what will happen once North and South America as well as the European countries close their borders. Humanity will revert to border barriers.

The only solution is to thoroughly figure out what the correct connection between us should be and how to build such good relationships so that no virus can break through. The virus is a sign that our connection with each other is incorrect.

The coronavirus is a common problem for everyone and therefore it requires the correct unification and mutual guarantee from all of humankind. Why do we constantly bring forth new misfortunes onto ourselves? Why does nature hit us with a whip all the time, each of us separately, as well as altogether?

Why are these blows getting stronger and stronger from year to year and why are they widening so much that they envelop all of humanity? Nature is trying to lead us toward the awareness of the necessity of mutual guarantee so that we become like one person, one system.

Every person in the world needs to understand that:

  • The coronavirus is no coincidence, but a part of the process through which the forces of nature lead human society. It strives to unite us into one system.
  • In this single system, there are laws that nature will oblige us to adopt, if not willingly, then “by the stick.” The coronavirus is one of the misfortunes sent to humanity to shake it up and force it toward introspection so that we learn to live correctly.

Ideally, we have to become like one man with one heart in one system. There is no way out. We will have to attain this. The coronavirus epidemic is the first plague in a chain of strikes that will be revealed monthly. After all, if we treat each other badly, we create a place for the virus. It appears where there is a lack of the mutual guarantee that we should have established.

The goal of creation is to bring a person into good connection with others, to love his neighbor as himself. If this does not happen, various problems are uncovered which act as remedies pushing us all toward connection.

We look at each other and do not wish each other well. Unkind looks and judgmental words materialize and pass from person to person in the form of viruses.

Humankind is more and more dependent on each other in industry, trade, and everything else, but, at the same time, we are not improving human relationships. Our relationships are in contradiction with the growing ties between us; I connect with everyone on Earth but with the goal of squeezing all the juice out of them for myself. When these connections become absolutely unbearable, nature strikes and breaks them.

Imagine the world cutting itself off from China, Japan, and South Korea—how it will hit the manufacturing sector. Even if the production of some small electronic element stopped, half of the world would come to a halt. This is all because we do not organize ourselves correctly on the human level. We do not follow the law of mutual guarantee. The last drops are squeezed out from people so that the elite can earn a few more billion dollars.

The virus has already led to mass layoffs. It does not look like this wave will subside. It appears as though it will shake up all of humankind so that we will feel that we have reached the red line and that nature will not let us live like this anymore.

For the first time in humanity’s history, we realize that what is happening is a blow from above, just as the Egyptian sorcerers told Pharaoh that one of the plagues was from the hand of God. Everyone will feel that it is the highest punishment and that we are being stopped from above.

When I look at another person unkindly, I am already transmitting the virus to him. After all, we are all tied into one system and by thinking badly about someone, I bring a negative virus, a negative signal into the entire system, breaking the mutual guarantee. It may be just a thought, but we are all interconnected by thoughts, conversations, and actions.

Whether we want it or not, we are locked within the common sphere. This is why it is not important whether I speak, write, think, or do something with my hands. The effect of thought is even greater, just as it was said that “everything is resolved in thought.” Thought materializes in physical action afterward.

Invisible threats are stretched between us. We are in a field of connections. The highest level of connection is thought, which then descends into simpler levels. We can correct all the viruses in thought. Mutual guarantee is the correct interconnection between us on the level of thought. If we maintain it, there will be no need for anything else, including material medications.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/7/20

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