Why Is Nature Punishing Us With Coronavirus?

laitman_293The more we develop, the stricter nature demands that we keep balance between reception and bestowal. We are unable to keep the balance, and so the more we advance, the more we suffer.

These are not evil forces that are turning against us, but the imbalance between the forces of reception and bestowal are becoming larger and larger. The force of reception, the will to enjoy, constantly grows, but it is not compensated, corrected, by the desire to bestow. This is why nature, as if, punishes us. It is not a primitive system where we receive punishment instantly and would understand what is happening, like if you put your hand in fire, you would get burned so you know next time not to do it. But the system of nature is enormous and very complex and so when we receive a negative reaction somewhere, we don’t exactly know where it comes from and why.

It follows that learning doesn’t come easy to us. Humanity hasn’t realized yet that egoism harms it and causes all misfortunes in the world. We don’t blame our own egoism, which constantly grows in us, commands us, and forces us to receive always only for our own sake by any means. We are not able to understand this, and everyone thinks that everything is fine with him or her.

Humanity does not see that its will to enjoy is the evil force. Moreover, egoism is the engine of progress and without it it is impossible not to return to the caves. Therefore, we have no choice but to develop our egoistic desire more and more and try to give it the various satisfactions it demands.

Lately, we have been running ahead fueling the consumer desire ourselves in order to sell more and gain more in our egos. This defines our generation: we no longer produce products that are essential to life, but we get very sophisticated in trying to fulfill the whims of our reckless egoism.

This is what nature is punishing us for, we use our hypertrophied, unbridled will to enjoy that demands things that are totally unnecessary for life. The will to receive is part of nature and it turns out that we use nature incorrectly. Instead of bringing the system of nature into harmony, we use the will to receive at our whim and bring nature out of balance.

Instead of keeping the correct balance between the force of reception and the force of bestowal, we create imbalances in one direction or another and thereby distort nature. As a result, various pests break out to us from nature. We open the door for them ourselves through our incorrect relationships with each other.

Where did the coronavirus come from or other viruses that will manifest in the future? It is only from the incorrect, egoistic connection between all parts of human society.

We are at the highest degree of nature, thus by our twisted relationships we cause distortions at the lower levels: the animate, vegetative, and even inanimate nature. At the still level we see that the entire globe is exploding from cataclysms: typhoons, volcanic eruptions, global warming, or glaciation.

Distortions at the vegetative level will bring us to the point where we won’t have anything to eat. At the animate level we will see the outbreak of various viruses, and there might be thousands of them. Besides, we are yet to see the infestation of locusts, like in the Egyptian plagues.

We cause all these plagues with our own hands by relating to each other in a distorted way. By this we engender all sorts of ugly manifestations at the lower levels that consume all the results of our labor like a cancerous tumor.

Under such circumstances, the coronavirus is a correction, compensation, for the distortions we produce at the spiritual degree in the connection between us. As a result, the distortions of even lower levels are being revealed, and force us to change to the side of correction.

Thanks to the coronavirus, we already manufacture fewer goods, travel less, and have less fun. Humanity has calmed down and appeased its arrogant selfishness that is destroying the entire planet.

If the epidemic gets worse, the world will stop completely: everyone will stay at home instead of flying from one end of the world to the other, we will stop doing all sorts of stupid things.

Yesterday, the news showed a completely empty airport.

This is a correction; why do people need to rush someplace? Now we will have time to think about why we are doing this. Suddenly, we will get terrified: What we are doing? Why did we go somewhere and spend money we had to earn by loading ourselves with additional work?

Now we can sit down quietly and think. Indeed, there is something to think about. We can communicate with each other, do something useful. What is the benefit of staring at some stones in Rome or Paris? I’d rather look at my friends, neighbors, and family. Finally, I will see my children because I’ve already forgotten what they look like and their names.

I will ask my son: ”Dearest, how is it going at school?” And he will answer: ”We haven’t been going to school for a long time already, we study online.” This way we will have time to chat a bit and to get to know each other.

It turns out that this is a correction. It is useful for humanity to stop and feel its powerlessness and inability to control everything. It is possible to stop us in a second and do anything with us.

If tomorrow a virus appears in agriculture, what will we eat? This is what we should be thinking about instead of killing each other and playing political games. You cannot act in egoism if you have nothing to eat. Then we will start thinking about life, not about controlling the whole world, each in their own arrogance.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/5/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”

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