Is Coronavirus Just The Beginning?

laitman_293The novel 2019 coronavirus, COVID19, has paralyzed giant megacities and seeped all over the world. For me, this is not just another epidemic but an indicator of global processes taking place in humanity.

Our world is not static; it is developing, and it is developing in a negative way. It is not a matter of climate or epidemics—they are just the consequences. The reason lies in the original matter of the universe: our egoistic desire. This perpetual motion machine never stops and we still have not learned how to work with it correctly.

The wisdom of Kabbalah opens up the world to us from a deeper perspective. It is not what it appears to be or what we want it to be. We would prefer to grow up and live in unchanging, understandable surroundings, in a familiar environment, but the world is changing, its laws are dynamic.

The system whose resources we use is not a warehouse; it is a living organism in which everything is interconnected. There are no random impulses, sudden bursts; they are sudden only for us. Sometimes even animals sense their approach better than humans.

Since humans are the most developed creatures, the key part of the general system and almost all of its responses are caused by us in one way or another. Negative changes in human nature lead to negative changes in nature.

However, this is not about egoism per se. Its growth in itself is natural and programmed. The problem is in the fact that we do not compensate for it, we put up with what is happening. Or we even believe that it must be so.

In Kabbalah, this compensation, the balancing of the egoism with the opposite force is called correction. Rejecting it causes suffering. Even if we do not see this connection,
it still works, and in fact, there is nothing surprising in the new viral strains. The system of the universe is uniform.

It responds to human imbalance at different levels. This is why the fight against viruses is a fight against consequences, which, at best softens the blow, but does not fix the situation dramatically.
This means that new epidemics are ahead of us, which are caused by the imbalance in ourselves. As long as the negative side within man prevails, it is pointless to hope for peace and quiet.

Of course, I am not lecturing anyone. I am talking about reality, about our relations, the way it is now. If we are honest with ourselves, it will not be difficult to find poison in everything that connects us. We are trying to artificially compensate for this poison with morality, laws, political correctness, good commercials, subtle and crude campaigning.

We genuinely hope that the good in us will prevail. However, this is self-deception. It is impossible to balance one’s own nature by acting according to its rules. True balance is in rising above oneself to unity. Everything else is palliative.

At present, the imbalance in man is reaching a new level, and nature will react accordingly. I believe that the system will not stop at viruses that infect the body. The next generation of viruses will infect our mind and psychology. They will expose differences, contradictions, deviations, and cause collective excesses and psychoses on the moral, ideological, and social level.

Even today, such “mutations” cover different aspects of the world view, culture, and science, forcing even scientists and specialists to invent completely groundless postulates. Previously, such phenomena were based on greed, craving for power, and simple stupidity, but now this is mixed with infectious insanity.

Any virus, any disease, is an imbalance, an incorrect connection between a plus and a minus. In terms of the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is short-circuiting of two opposite desires without a screen, which has the same role as a resistor in an electric circuit. As a result, opposites cannot interact harmoniously and maintain a healthy life-sustaining activity and the right course of development.

It is clear that the divergence between the extremes will increase over time. It is no coincidence that we recognize more and more forms of behavior, family life, sexual expression, and self-identification as normal. So far, we still manage to somehow accept and control these distortions of the foundation. At the next stage, viruses of a new quality will get out of control and cause chaos in our home.

For a long time, the imbalance between the two inclinations appeared gradually, slowly, allowing us to digest it with varying degrees of success. However, now everything has changed: the pace of development is growing, and imbalances are sharply aggravated. If we do not take care of them systematically and fundamentally, we will not be able to cope with the challenges and find a cure for the latest viruses.

Then they can become a threat even greater than atomic and hydrogen bombs. Indeed, there is no need for mass destruction if it is enough to “hack” the mind and turn people into helpless vegetables, or madmen without any logic, or into puppets.

By and large, we are fighting not viruses but an unbalanced form of existence that we project to different levels of nature. Its most striking example is cancer, which causes the affected cells to eat their environment. Oncology is our common universal diagnosis.

It is time to finally realize how dangerous the imbalance between human egocentrism and nature’s inherent bestowal is. This difference of potential must be balanced and corrected within us. We must add what is missing so that the opposites will become one whole and raise humanity to a true balance.

Everything that we do not do today, we will have to do tomorrow in much more difficult conditions. In the end, monstrous epidemics and other disasters will clearly point to the human as the source of the imbalance. However, what is stopping us from seeing this now?

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