Who Builds The Bridge Of Connection Between Us?

laitman_938.05Question: Who builds the bridge of connection between us? Do we do this we by ourselves?

Answer: No, the Creator builds these bridges. We have no possibility to do this, no understanding, knowledge, or forces.

We just have to imagine, as much as possible, what it is because we exist in one flat understanding of the world: yes and no, you and me, and so on. On the human level there can be no love and hate, war and peace, at the same time.

It is possible in the spiritual world because war and peace are the product of the same power that lets them exist together. At the still, vegetative, and animal levels, they coexist absolutely clearly.

Although we believe that everything is in dialectics, struggle, opposites, and confrontations, but it only seems this way to us in our egoistic understanding of nature. In fact, if we went inside this picture, we would see its absolute harmony.

To the extent that we comprehend harmony on our level, feel how the upper Light, the Creator builds a connection in us above our differences, we will also perceive it on the levels of nature that are below us: the still, vegetative, and animate.

We will see how this is a closed, ideal picture and how everything that we previously thought to be living at the expense of others, destroying and devouring in a continuous egoistic struggle, we saw through the prism of our egoism. It is said: “Everyone judges according to his own merits.” If I see something negative, it is only because these negative properties are in me.

Thus, we do not build anything ourselves. We do not have a second level yet. This is the property of the Creator, which must enter into us and somehow be absorbed, built upon, and take shape so we can clearly see the egoistic and altruistic levels in ourselves and be able to gradually elevate everything from the egoistic level to the altruistic one without destroying egoism but only by changing the intention in it for a global connection in similarity to the Creator.
From the Lesson in Russian, 2/6/19

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