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Simple humility does not require solidarity with the upper governance, but only subjugation to it. Spiritual conception (Ibur) is also built upon humility, but upon a harsher one, when I completely annul myself before the upper one in everything not taking my feelings and opinion into consideration.

If we in the ten enter the state of the sons of Jacob, not wishing to unite, the lack of spiritual fulfillment will compel us to start working against the ego, to descend to Pharaoh. The realization of ego as disturbances against unity prepares us to agree to take on the “Mutual Guarantee.”

If I have ceased to feel that the Creator rules in everything, it means I have departed from sanctity and no longer belong to the spiritual system. I must therefore immediately return to the state of, “There’s none else besides the Creator” and strengthen myself by incorporating my inclusion in the group into my effort.

All mistakes and crimes turn into commandments when I establish that “There’s none else besides the Creator” and He is the cause of everything. A crime is to be influenced by the disturbance, and see nothing outside of it. For, undoubtedly, the disturbance is sent by the Creator
… out of His love to advance me spiritually.

I seek ways to surrender myself “I awaken the dawn, the dawn doesn’t awaken me.” Preparing to subjugate means to accept everything by “faith above reason” as coming from the Creator. And all that is happening is a game of hide and seek of the Creator with me of “There’s none else besides Him.”

Subjugation is the main spiritual action to the very end of correction, the basis of all spiritual work. The more we look for ways to humble ourselves before the Creator, the faster we advance spiritually. We must seek ways to change the power of ego for the power of the Creator.

The right reaction shortens time in thousands. A person receives a challenge in the form of emptiness, he immediately moves forward, despite his state. The main thing is to punch the ego, Pharaoh, in the teeth without a pause. You get rejected from unity—you have to fight back!

When a state of heaviness comes, distance from the friends in the group, it is necessary to annul your “I,” i.e., not to demand more—let it be so. The main thing is not to think about anything bad between us. And strive for connection, rising above any circumstances.

You remove the obstacles by raising above them and building love above hatred. It is impossible to achieve anything without obstacles. They are what gives power to connection, just as all sorts of obstacles and failures give taste to love, otherwise it is a plain tasteless feeling.

The complete measure of exertion, quota, after which a qualitative change occurs in us (new spiritual sensations) is made up of the quantity and quality of our actions, years, cumulative invested efforts and experiences.
These are the quantitative indicators that result in new revelations.

“Signals” from #Ilhan #Omar and the entire West not only focus public attention on the #Jews, but also awaken them from sleep.
We need to re-implement the principle “love others as ourselves.”
Everyone needs specifically the working method of connection.

Coming out into the light is like a chicken hatching from an egg, or a worm from a bitter radish. It takes a lot of effort and help of friends because of the wall between us.
As it’s written, “Each one should help his friend.” My friend and I keep knocking from each side toward each other.

The Creator covertly controls everything, but when evil appears, it conceals Him and separates Him from a person who is filled with doubts in the upper government. But when he returns to the realization of the Creator, he receives a reward and can adhere with the Creator again.
(#Zohar, “Night of the Bride, 138”)

After LO-LISHMA, one advances further, with no calculations about oneself, but only about how to annul to the true reality, feel the work for the Creator by feeling His greatness. One forgets about himself, annuls before the sensation of the Creator, stays in LI-SHMA caring about the Creator, and is then in bestowal for the sake of bestowal.

It is still very difficult for American Jews to believe that calm and peaceful life has passed and will not return. The sense of security and incredible success, which have shown signs of hope over the years, are being destroyed. #Jews #AntiSemitism

The Creator is revealed only above our #egoism, for while everything is well—we will not turn to Him. It is necessary to understand once and for all that all advancement happens only due to bad feelings. If a man is comfortable, he is unable to make a move, such is our nature.

“Faith above knowledge” is a complete departure from all our calculations. When this force is revealed in us as a result of internal efforts, inside our desires, once we change, we realize that we can complete knowledge with faith, and this faith is bestowal instead of reception.

Major General M. Bergman: “In my opinion, it is a terrible mistake for #military to go into #politics. We are taught differently, and our mentality is dissimilar. A military person should not be a #politician.”
The whole story teaches us that politicians and military think and make decisions differently. Changing them is dangerous!

Everything in reality, good and evil, has a right to exist, is forbidden to be destroyed, and is intended only for its correction for good and for manifestation of the Creator’s perfection.
#Wisdomofkabbalah #quotesoftheday

Crisis of the world civilization. There is no clarity on how to live in the #future. The #EU and the #US are headed into decay. Without a connection between countries and nations, selfish provocations lead to war. This can only be confronted together.
But the people of #Israel carry the method of #connection, which they don’t even suspect, but it is the reason why they are hated.

The new Prime Minister of Palestinian Authority Mohammad Shtayyeh: “Jews are not a nation. It is a religious denomination. When talking about dialogue with the #Jewish people, you need to understand—there is no such nation, just like there are no #Muslim or #Christian nations.”
According to the #Torah: Jews originate from 70 nations of Babylon, striving toward the Creator.

Everything done within #egoism is doomed to failure. Since the single Euro currency (the #Euro) links egoists, it can’t exit the crisis for a while now, despite the support of all #EU countries and the #ECB.
Salvation lies in an urgent departure from the single currency or in the rise above egoism.
#Euronews #BREAKING
From Twitter, 3/13/19

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Don’t Allow Bad States To Manifest

laitman_566.02Question: If I see that my friend is in a bad corporeal situation does it mean that I want him to be in this state?

Answer: No, all bad states are the result of the shattering of the soul of Adam. Therefore, we do nothing bad.

You are not the creator of the bad states. However, when you don’t ask for their correction, you let these states manifest. The degree to which these bad states improve depends on us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 11/4/19

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Like A Missile Escaping Earth’s Gravity

laitman_963.1In the wisdom of Kabbalah, we study the actions of the upper Light upon our desire to receive, to the extent that we are ready for such changes. There is no coercion in spirituality.  A person must undergo all the changes with complete understanding, feeling, agreement, and subjugation, according to his own desire. The changes within him cannot take place automatically, without his participation, impression, and reaction. He must make efforts for this. Therefore, serious changes take place gradually and require a lot of preparation.

In essence, we learn how to help the upper Light implement the program of creation in us, how to fulfill the part of the process that depends on us. This is the entire purpose of the study and of our existence.1

How is it possible for the egoistic desire to subjugate before the Creator and even enjoy annulling itself? The upper Light influences the desire to receive and changes it so that it begins to feel pleasure in subjugating before the Light. Any change in the desire is possible only because of the Light returning to the source.

The desire still wants to enjoy, but the type of the enjoyment changes. Before, it was enjoying reception, and now, it enjoys the fact that it does not receive. The previous pleasure was from a simple, natural fulfillment. Now this pleasure is from a different fulfillment, from the feeling of its surrender before the Creator.

The desire does not feel the Creator yet, but it already feels that it is subjugating before Him, before some kind of upper quality. The very action of subjugation gives it satisfaction, pleasure, calmness, and joy in its state. This is the influence of the upper Light on the desire. This happens even before the entrance into the spiritual world (before the Machsom), prior to acquiring the quality of bestowal.

Before this subjugation, a person usually experiences opposite states: rage, irritation, and anger. He is angry at being forced to surrender. The egoism is trying to escape from its cell by all means. This is an entire period at the end of which suddenly comes calmness and a person feels how wonderful it is to surrender himself.

A person experiences these two polar states in a very strong and emotional way: a great anger, and suddenly a complete calmness. He understands that subjugation is the best thing. This is the first correction that later accompanies a person throughout the entire path.

If a person is able to withstand a long period of frustration, irritation, pain from envy, and stinging ambitions that burn him from the inside and twist his soul, then at some instant, he suddenly comes out as if to fresh air.

It is like a missile that, with enormous efforts, overcomes the gravitational pull of the Earth and suddenly exits into outer space where everything is quiet, calm, and completely weightless.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/7/19, Writing of Baal HaSulam, Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot, item 74
1 Minute 0:20
2 Minute 23:20; 48:42

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Anti-Semitism Inside Radical Islam In America In Their Own Words

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/12/19

The wave of incitement against Jews has moved from Europe to Islamic centers in the U.S., according to a special research conducted by investigative journalist Zvi Yehezkeli for Israel’s channel 13.

Anti-Semitism fueled by radical Islam is alive and kicking in America. On the streets, they speak English and sound welcoming to all. In the mosques, they encrypt their anti-Semitic agenda in Arabic.

Even when this is happening so close to them, it’s still very difficult for American Jews to realize that their calm and peaceful life is being threatened, and things will only get worse. It is especially difficult for the younger generation of American Jews to grasp.

There is no doubt that many moves will be decided after the election of the next U.S. president. However, it is also a mistake to think that the State of Israel will be their place of refuge, since no one can promise us that the situation will be better for Israel.

If we Jews do not rekindle the same kind of connection that has established our nationhood, and has been dormant for some 2,000 years, anti-Semitism will never stop.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 3/13/19

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